Electronic Music

"Electronic music is the newest frontier in my exploration of music. In many ways recent years have found me thrust and trying to grow into new spaces. This has been, perhaps, one of the more challenging for me. It's also been deeply rewarding. I hope to continue to explore these new spaces, and allow all of these tools to interact in my future musics."

"Sour Grapes was the final project for a course I took at the University of Iowa in the spring of 2020. This course focused on the use of Max/MSP as a tool and/or environment for the creation of musical works. I had never used Max before, so this was entirely new and somewhat intimidating territory for me. But what a thrilling adventure.


      Sour Grapes combines sonic and visual elements in something of an allegory, which I have used to articulate my personal experience of the 2020 Covid-19 crisis. You can learn more about this by following the linked video over to YouTube.


It's something of a duet. On one hand you have music played on a synthesizer I built in the Max environment, and on the other you have manipulations and distortions of prerecorded material. I believe that this piece is the most sonically intense thing I've created thus far. I encourage and prefer that you use headphones to listen, and urge you to use caution with your levels. However, I suggest you pick a volume level and stick with it-- allow the moments that are painful to hear to be painful. There's no 'volume level' on the noisesomness of life; let this be a proper and more dynamically analogous allegory."  

"So, The Thing in the Cave... it was the final project for a course on electronic music composition I took in the fall of 2019 at the University of Iowa.


The program note is deliberately ambiguous, and presents you with only a strange poem meant to prime some possible imagery for you to use as you navigate the listening experience. In respect to my initial wishes, I will say little more about the piece than that does. 


What little more I will say, is this: this piece is based on a dream I had many years ago, where both I and strange creatures suffered a cruel fate in a dark and flooded cave."