Barbershop Music

 "My barbershop music... I actually haven't created a lot of it. Perhaps less than 20 barbershop tags, and less than 10 full pieces. As I've been in school for most of the last decade, working to complete three degrees, it's not a place I've been able to spend a ton of time.

All of my barbershop music is heavily influenced by my love of choral music. Most barbershop revolves around circle-of-fifths motion and strict relations between voices, whereas mine tend to involve diatonic harmonies and relational independence among the voices alongside your typical barbershop fare. 

Recently (as of summer of 2020) I've had opportunities to return to the barbershop idiom, and will have new pieces to share with you very soon."

"You'll Be In My Heart. You know it. You love it. Phill Collins didn't have to go as hard as he did for the Tarzan soundtrack. But he did. He did it for us. (Or so the meme goes). 


This arrangement was written in 2015 I think (it's been a while!). Chromatic side-roads, para-choral stylings, and some good ol' fashioned crunchy dissonance. This arrangement has a special place in my heart. And what a performance from Jason Seiberlich!

Before you ask, no, it's not for sale. With respect to Disney, I cannot 
distribute this piece. But this performance will hopefully continue to be out there, for you (and me!) to remember and enjoy."    

"Sleep My Love! Written and recorded in 2013. That video right there, actually, was shot the night before the premiere of my capstone concert at Elmhurst College. I mixed that thing in a real  hurry, so it'd be ready in time for the concert.

This is the very first full barbershop piece I ever created. I actually haven't created that many!, perhaps just less than 10. Only three or so are available for purchase, and only five or so are 'out there' to be found. But I digress.

As is typical of all my barbershop pieces, its deeply influenced by my affection for the modern American choral tradition."