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Stephan Carlson is a composer and music educator living in Maryland. He holds degrees from Elmhurst University (B.M. in Theory and Composition), Northern Illinois University (M.M. in Music Composition), and the University of Iowa (Ph.D. in Music Composition).

Stephan's music reflects the complex blend of his musical interests, which span several different domains. His vocal music is shaped by his background choral and barbershop, and his instrumental music is informed by his interest in techniques of sound production as well as acoustic analysis. In his electronic music Stephan explores a blend of noise synthesis and spectral techniques, infused with elements of his favorite popular styles like rock and metal music. Stephan is most excited when he is able to draw from all of these spaces at once.

Stephan has been fortunate to collaborate with numerous accomplished musicians. He has had the privilege to write for and work with such prestigious ensembles as the JACK Quartet, Ensemble Dal Niente, and Latitude 49, and his music has been performed across North America, Europe, and the Pacific Islands. 

Throughout the course of his graduate and postgraduate studies Stephan acquired extensive educational experience both in and out of the classroom. At Northern Illinois University Stephan spent a year as a tutor in Music Theory. At the University of Iowa Stephan spent a year and a half as an instructor in Aural Skills, and then a year as a research assistant for students in the electronic media composition courses. Stephan has also had the honor of being a guest lecturer in composition and theory at Elmhurst University as well as the Middle East South Asia Conference.

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