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Stephan Carlson (b. 1990) is a composer, song-writer, and music educator from northern Illinois. Stephan's musical compositions tend to occupy a cross-section of several areas: vocal musics including choral, a cappella, and barbershop music; instrumental music, largely informed by acoustic analysis and the study of the executive idioms required for sound production; and electronic music, often a blend of noise synthesis and experimental spectral techniques coupled with idioms from popular music like rock and metal.

Stephan's recent research has been focused on experimental electronic music technologies and composition pedagogy. He also has a special interest in the music of recent composers, especially his peers, and feels strongly about giving serious attention to the work of living composers.

Stephan completed his B.M. in Music Theory and Composition at Elmhurst college in 2013, and then his M.M. in Composition at Northern Illinois University in 2019. Stephan a Ph.D. candidate at the University Iowa, and currently lives in Maryland with his wife.

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